Sunday, February 13, 2011

i miss the summertime

well i dont think i will post every day but i will try to keep it as consistent as possible. today i just want to share some thoughts about summer. it was actually pretty warm here considering the weather we have had so far, its now 44 degrees. i went out into the garage to get something and had to open the garage door to get to it because my dad's truck is in the way. well i just stepped outside for a few moments and realized how warm it was....i felt so different. this winter has been emotionally exhausting for me for many different reasons which i wont be getting into right now, and that slight change in temperature seemed to uplift me a bit if that makes any sense. my eager anticipation of summer all winter has made me more sensitive to its approach so much that this little thing seemed to make a day a bit better. i really miss the summer.last summer was amazing. i miss the beautiful blue sky and watching dragonflies flying around. i remember last summer there was a lot of them and that was the summer i realized i really liked dragonflies. now they are my favorite animal. i also miss swimming. i love to swim, i could spend hours in the pool. i miss the warmth and the green, sitting on the swing listening to my favorite music and daydreaming. i miss a lot about the summer, more than i can write here unless i want to bore you (uh anyone reading this anyways?) i really cant wait until the summertime but i know i will have to. i actually think i may have SAD seasonal affective disorder since i have been quite depressed this winter. but im sure this summer will be better and brighter. i guess you now know why my name here is summer.

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